Our Company

Company Paleta A.Sobol-Gulbinowicz spółka komandytowo-akcyjna has been providing complex service in the field of wooden pallets since 2001. For almost 22 years of company existence we have amassed experience and we have identified the needs of our customers. Our challenge has always been to acquire the knowledge and competence necessary to become experts in the business related to manufacturing and distribution of wooden pallets, in order to be able to give professional advice on the selection of pallets and to ensure complex service to our customers.

We care about the satisfaction of our customers and maintaining long-term cooperation, thus we care about the high quality and reliability of the products and services offered by company Paleta.

The wooden pallets sold by us are manufactured to the European standards, thermal processing has been confirmed with an IPPC Certificate. In addition, while maintaining the high quality we are still able to offer a reasonable price (negotiable) and we ensure delivery of the ordered pallets to our customers.

Our offer includes over 100 types of wooden pallets to select from. We provide both typical wooden packages i.e.: EURO pallets, single-use pallets 1200 x 800 mm, 1200 x 1000 mm, CP pallets, ZIEGEL pallets 980 x 980, glued timber pallets, and non-typical and non-standard pallets designed to suit the individual needs and orders of our customers. We also provide additional services i.e.: pallet repairing, pallet thermal processing (IPPC), pallet drying, pallet labeling both by means of burning or painting of elements.

Company Paleta A.Sobol-Gulbinowicz spółka komandytowo-akcyjna is ready to implement the Just-in-Time strategies of its customers, providing timely deliveries, pursuant to the agreed upon schedule. The stock of ready-to-go pallets maintained at the appropriate level ensures quick execution of orders and timely delivery to the customer. In addition, orders for non-typical pallets, manufactured based on individual orders are carried out quickly and delivered in a timely manner.

The majority of our products is shipped to the EU Member States. We have been sending our pallets to foreign customers, i.e. in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France for 14 years. Our pallets are most often chosen by companies form the following industries: food, constructions, chemical, metal.

Fleet / Pallet transportation

In order to execute our orders we use vehicles with adopted structure and load. Such a solution ensures the optimally low transportation costs. The size and the good technical state of the fleet ensure both flexibility of deliveries and the fact, that the deliveries are made on time. The fleet of vehicles at our disposal is appropriately adjusted to transport such cargo as wooden pallets, and pallets themselves are optimally loaded and properly secured. This means that our customers not only receive their products quickly, but also that the vehicles transporting them will deliver a dry and undamaged cargo.